Selling Your Home

Deciding to sell your home can be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. But once you have decided it is time to sell, here are my top tips for getting ready to sell your house.
1. Paperwork
Before signing a contract for sale, consider the following: Do you have a compliant smoke alarm installed? You must have a compliant smoke alarm installed. Failure to do so is an offence under the Fire and Rescue Service Act 1990. Do you have a safety switch installed? You are not required to have one installed, but must declare on the contract for sale of the house if one is not installed. If you have a pool, get current pool certification as regulations may have changed since the pool was installed. Current certification can minimise the risk of a contract falling through at the last minute.
2. Get those minor repairs done
If a prospective buyer sees that minor repairs have not been done, they may take this as a sign of bigger problems. Small, inexpensive repairs such as oiling creaky doors, fixing leaking taps, and patching holes in the walls should all be taken care of before putting your house up for sale.
3. De-clutter
This can be quite a process, both physically and emotionally, so get it out of the way before inspections will be scheduled. And as you will be moving house shortly 🙂 it also paves the way for packing only those things that you are going to want to take with you.
4. Will it increase your sale price if you makeover part or all of the house?
Only update features that will add value to your sale price. An agent will be able to assist you here. Be wary of spending too much on “updates” that will not potentially increase your sale price. It is often tempting to update the kitchen or bathroom but these can be costly and not what the buyer wants, meaning the buyer may redo them again after sale.
5. Tidy the garden
See my last post on “5 Steps to Taming the overgrown garden” for help with this one.
6. Take stock of the house’s exterior
The front of your house will be a prospective buyer’s first impression. Clearing away unwanted items from the front veranda, cleaning out the gutters, and removing any stains from the driveway, will all add to a great first impression.
A little time and effort spent in preparing your house to be sold, can increase the chance of a quick sale, and minimise the chance of a sale falling through.