Clean Ups After Rain

Ok so the rain hasn’t quite stopped and now you need to clean up your yard.

Maybe it was wishful thinking when I last wrote about cleaning up after the rain. It seems we are still getting more, and sometimes in some very short sharp bursts. Short heavy rain showers can cause all sorts of issues, alongside those of long term rainfall. Consider the effects of rain on your yard.
1. Yes I know this is an oldie, but safety first! If the water is near any electrical equipment, turn off the power, and make sure the area is safe. If unsure, call a licensed electrician. When it is safe to do so, disconnect electrical equipment and remove from the affected area. Garden electronics are usually designed to be water proof, but all testing and repairs, should be carried out by a licensed electrician. Electronics in the garden that may need to be checked include:
– Garden lights,
– Security systems,
– Outdoor lighting and heating, and
– Remote control doors and gates.
2. Is your yard a breeding ground for undesirables? Mosquitoes, midges, and cane toads all enjoy water lying in buckets, old toys, plant saucers, basically anything that will hold water. Empty water from these vessels and throw out all unwanted items that are holding water to minimize the risk to your families health.
3. Check retaining walls. Is water eroding the foundation of, or channeling water through, your retaining wall?
4. Do you need to replace fencing? Particularly inspect dog wire if you need to keep feral dogs out. Storm water can also cause debris to pile up against fences. Leaving debris against fences can cause the fence to rust or rot.
5. Are your plants waterlogged? Wilting or yellow leaves, disease and pests can all indicate that your plants are waterlogged. Pot plants should be moved to a drier location, but in ground plants may require a good fertilizer to restore nutrients leached out by too much water. Treat for diseases and pests.
6. Is your compost too wet? If so, aerate the pile and add dry materials.
Sudden short sharp bursts of rain can cause all sorts of damage to your yard. And a waterlogged yard has further issues. If you need to get rid of unwanted items, debris or green waste, order a skip today by calling 0417786776!
But please remember that skip trucks and waterlogged ground are not a good combination. You will need an area of solid ground for your skip to sit on:)