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Ok so Christmas is a less than a month away and it’s time to get your house/garden/garage Christmas ready. With lots of visitors and entertaining at this time of year, cleaning up your home can be a chore. Here is my “Christmas Cleanup Cheat sheet’:
– The first thing your guests will see is your front garden. Trim overhanging tree branches, rake up dead leaves (great job for the kids) and sweep the front path.
– Add some fairy lights to your gate. This will help guests find your house.
– Clean the glass in your front door. It will immediately brighten your entranceway.
– Clear out everyday items from your entrance way. Your guests don’t need to see the library books you need to return or your shopping bags waiting to go in the car.
– Clean areas of the house where people will gather. The kitchen, living room, or rumpus room may need to have items moved to other areas to allow enough room for your guests.
– If older relatives are expected, remove trip hazards and obstacles.
– Close doors to rooms you do not want guests to enter. A multitude of mess can hide behind a closed door 🙂
– If you are entertaining outside, maybe people can walk around the house rather than through the house? Make some signs with a festive theme.
– Clean the BBQ, and outdoor furniture.
– Does your outdoor entertaining area need a refresh? Maybe new cushions, or tablecloth would inexpensively liven the area up?
– In the bathroom and toilet give the window and shower curtains a wash.
– An often overlooked item is the fridge. Clean out leftovers and expired items to give your yourself maximum room for festive goodies. And what about the top of the fridge???
Getting some of these jobs out of the way early will reduce the stress of festive entertaining. Swift Skips can help with a skip for a general household cleanup.
Call Di on 0417 786 776 to discuss options. Wishing you all the best in getting ready for the festive season.
Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels