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I am often asked what can and can’t be put in a skip. It is amazing the variety of items that people collect over time and many of them can be put in a skip if you need to get rid of them. Different item types can also be mixed in the same skips. Here are some examples;
– Appliances like fridges, stoves, washing machines, microwaves
– Electronics like, TV’s, computers, cabling
– Exercise equipment like treadmills, bikes, weights
– Car parts, motors, seats
– Furniture, mattresses, lounges, cupboards,
– Timber, steel, plasterboard, aluminium frames, troughs, and other building components
– Garden waste, grass clippings, palm fronds, old chicken coops, gnomes
– Dirt, concrete, bricks – please discuss these with us as there are limits on the quantities of these we can lift in one skip
– Batteries can be placed beside the skip and we can take them in the truck. DO NOT place batteries in the skip
– Recyclable metals should be placed at the top of the skip so we can place them in the recyclable section at the tip
A skip can only be filled to the top of the sides of the skips. So when ordering a skip that will have large items in it, please be aware of our skip sizes and order accordingly. For example, if you are wanting to get rid of an old fridge that is 1.8m tall, you will need to lie it down in a skip that is at least 1.8m long. Our skip sizes are:
8m2 3.8m L 1.8m W 1.2m H
6m3 3.4m L 1.5m W 1.2m H
4m3 2.6m L 1.5m W 1.2m H
2m3 1.5m L 1.5m W 1.2m H
Our 8m3 skips have doors for easier loading.
The list of what can’t be put in a skip is much smaller but just as important.
The following cannot be put in a skip;
Toxic/chemical/medical waste, Asbestos, Tyres, Liquid Paint, Oil, Fire extinguishers, Gas bottles
Cost for any environmental cleanup will be passed back to customer
If you have anything else that you are unsure about, please call us and we will be able to help answer your questions. Or call now to order 0417 786 776!