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With the cold snap that has arrived in the last week, many people are content to stay inside and out of the cold and wind. While inside why not give one of these projects a go? Achieving a goal gives its own warming feeling 🙂 Donating acceptable items also comes with a warming feeling. Some places to donate in Gympie are listed at the bottom of this post.
1. Give your wardrobe a make-over.
– Go through all of your summer clothes. What didn’t you wear at all? What doesn’t fit you anymore? Do you really need to keep it? Could it be donated? Or does it just need to be thrown out? If space is a problem try putting all your summer clothes into storage bags/boxes until next Spring.
– Now your winter clothes. What doesn’t fit you anymore? Do you really need to keep it? Could it be donated? Or does it just need to be thrown out?
– Ok so what about shoes? Shoes often get forgotten when going through the wardrobe, but can take up quite a bit of space. Shoes that have been worn more than a couple of times really need to be thrown out rather than donated though.
– Ok, so now a biggie. What about the man of the house? This can actually be a bit tricky. I have a friend whose husband insists on wearing t-shirts until they are threadbare. He has some from before they were married 20 years ago. He does sometimes admit that some can be thrown out though. So go for it.
– And lastly, any other wardrobes in the house. Kids, spare room, guest bedroom. Tackle the lot.
– When you have worked out what you need to keep, maybe invest in some new storage to keep everything in its place.
2. Tackle your kitchen cupboards. If you are like many households the plastics drawer/shelf/cupboard just seems to grow over time. Is it time to part with those lids that no longer have bases, the containers that got stained in the microwave and those small snack boxes that the kids don’t take to school anymore. Again, if the items are in good repair, consider donating them.
3. Sporting/camping equipment. Again sometimes these items seem to multiply of their own accord. etc. Old sports shoes particularly. They will need to be in good condition to be donated. Broken chairs and other camping equipment are an easy way to free up space.
4. Home office. The ATO require you to keep personal tax records for 7 years. How many yours do you have? Consider cleaning out old documents to free up space.
5. Lastly why not bring the outside in with some indoor plants. Herbs in the kitchen, some greenery in the bathroom and some colour in the lounge room. All can help lift the spirits and maintain that warm feeling long into winter.

Hiring a skip is a great way to get rid of those unwanted items that can’t be donated. You only have to go outside to load it. We deliver, take away and tip.
Donations of good quality, undamaged and clean clothes, books, manchester can be may at:
St Vincent de Paul Society 2 John St, Gympie https://www.vinnies.org.au/shops/view/64
Neighbours Aid Community Stores 54-56 River Rd, Gympie https://neighboursaid.org/gympie-store/
The Salvation Army 42 Stumm Rd, Southside https://www.salvationarmy.org.au/gympie/family-store/
Lifeline shop, 22A Maple St, Cooroy 07 5442 6464
Image by Pexels from Pixabay