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Now is a great time to get your shed or workshop and make it a great place. Too often sheds and workshops become natural storage spaces. In reality they should be lively places where projects and dreams take shape and come to life. Here are my top 5 tips for bringing your shed or workshop to life.
1. Turn on the light. What type of space do you want your shed/workshop to be? If it was cleaned up a little it could become: An art studio, a home office, a music room, a hobby area (sewing, craft, building model aircraft, robotics etc), a home gym, a gardener’s potting haven, or maybe storage is its best use. Working out what type of space you want will give you a goal to keep you going if the going gets tough.
2. Sort everything out. Assign a box/bucket/piece of floor to each of the following:
– Throw out. Fill this box first. Be ruthless, particularly if you are looking to reclaim space.
– Donate/Sell. Work out if there are any items that you no longer need. Are they in good enough condition to sell? Maybe donate them instead if you don’t have time for the selling process.
– Keep.
If the job seems too big for one go, then start with a wall or corner. and move outwards. This will give you a cleared area for storing items to be kept.
3. Clean everything that you are going to keep, including the shed. If you are going to transform your space, pay particular attention to the windows. Gardener’s and artists require light, musicians and storage, not so much.
4. Plan/allocate shed space. Once you know what you are going to use your new-found space for, and what you are going to keep in it, work out how to achieve your vision. Do you need benches, cupboards or racks for storing things, sound-proofing, shelving or can everything just go in boxes?
5. Prepare for pests. i don’t know about you but if I am going to be in my shed / workshop regularly I don’t want to be sharing with uninvited guests. The items I am storing don’t need them either. Try a barrier treatment around the outside, or surface spray on the inside.
Transforming a shed / workshop into a practical, useful space can be very rewarding. Even being able to find the right tool when you want it has its own rewards. Enjoy! 🙂