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Several customers have booked skips recently because they were embarking on a major garden cleanup. Did you know that a green waste only skip is cheaper than a general waste skip? So let’s look at taming the overgrown garden. At the moment gardens are flourishing but as growth dies off we may have a real problem next bushfire season. It is also very hard to enjoy an overgrown garden.
Step 1. Tidy and mow the lawn. Remove anything from the lawn that will get in the way of the lawn mower. Put tools away, throw out rubbish, and move any branches that have fallen. Getting your lawn area trimmed will make a huge difference to the look of your garden.
Step 2. Weed your garden beds. Pulling out large weeds by the roots is immensely satisfying (speaking from experience 🙂 . It also lets you see what else is in the garden bed that might be worth saving. Pulling out all the weeds will also let you see how much area you have for new plants, or how much mulch you will need. Mulching cleared areas will help to prevent new weeds taking over.
Step 3. Pruning. Cut back any dead branches from trees, shrubs and bushes. Take care with larger tree limbs ensuring the safety of both yourself and your house. Also cut back any over-enthusiastic plants that have outgrown their space. However, pruning for tree health is best done in late winter.
Step 4. Take stock. Now that your garden has a semblance of order, what’s next? If maintenance is a problem, do you need to replace lawn with paving? Maybe replace some high maintenance garden with lawn? Plants that seem to “grow wild” and take over the garden may be best in a planter pot or box instead of the ground. I have both mint and aloe vera in planters to prevent them from getting into where they shouldn’t.
Step 5. Look long-term. Think of what you want from your garden. Would you like more flowering plants to attract birds? Is a vegetable garden now a possibility? Do you have enough shade to enjoy the space you have?
Taming the overgrown garden is not so hard if you have a plan, and removing dead and unwanted plants can be hugely satisfying. I saw a weather forecast that said that winter should be warmer and drier than usual. So maybe dream a little, so you can really enjoy your outside area.
Photo by Kourosh Qaffari from Pexels